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"Dear Janet, I do know the copy right law from being in commercial advertising. As long as you change three items in your composition (color, placement, items) you are not cheating. For instance the guitar shape cannot be owned but the entire placement, style, color, of the entire still- life composition, cannot be duplicated exactly, from another artist and be..."
"What an EXTRA-ordinary way to get a point across, John...this is so 'to the point' and..."
"Zdenka, can not believe I missed this beauty. I love this painting and all the colors, birds are a nice contrast. Love it. Your friend, Gail"
"I do like this one-abstract and quite different from your usual style. With this one I..."
abstract acrylic animals autumn beach birds blackandwhite blues boats buildings cats charcoal cityscape clouds dogs drawings dreams fantasy figurative fish flowers forsale glaze greens horses impasto inks landscape layers moon mountains oil oranges papers pastel pens plein‑air portrait reds roses seascape snow still‑life sunsets surrealism texture trees watercolor wildlife yellows