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Born in London he began his career as a professional artist in 1976 and studied privately with various tutors in the UK. His love of fine art and in particular the Dutch Masters took him to Holland to study old master techniques and the interplay of light and shade with Dutch landscape painter Jan van Buren. The main body of his work consists of landscapes and wildlife subjects although recently he has included abstract paintings in his exhibitions. In 1977 he opened his own art gallery in Essex learning a great deal about the commercial aspect of the art world.
In 1990 he was awarded The Hillingdon Arts Trophy and in 1998 "Best Oil in Show" at the Wildlife Art Society Annual Exhibition in Central London. His work features in collections throughout the world including USA, Canada, Holland, Germany, France, Australia Italy, Middle and Far East, Russia and Latvia.
Currently he is teaching oil painting techniques in France and
author of unique easy to follow instruction manuals in CD ROM format.

"Sometimes I'm not too comfortable in a state of Complete Consciousness."

“At the end of the creative path to consistency there is a barrier. On the way to that barrier we are sometimes pleased and sometimes discouraged and disappointed with our efforts. But if we continued regardless and work hard then at some time we will find ourselves on the other side of that barrier where confidence awaits and we are confident that we are able to handle any challenge set before us. We may still be unsuccessful at times but the confidence will be part of our psyche.” - Alan Lewis
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Latest comment Alan my goodness your painting takes my breath away absolutely stunning perfection one would believe its a photograph.The details are superb as are the colours you have captured a magnificent image... Maureen smurthwaite
Has a painting ever changed your view on something that previously felt as a negative emotion, into a positive one?
I love the light, perspective and the blue... the light on the trees! amazing! I think I have to think about the question more... painting makes me aware of... view answer
Cynthia Richards
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