Alan Murray

Alan Murray

, Ireland
Alan Murray
Corcullen, Galway.
ph. 086 8372135

I usually start painting at night where I find theirs less distractions and with no preparatory drawings or no plan of what might happen while painting. I start on a blank canvas and the oil paint begins to take form. I go with that, developing the imagery as each mark inspires the next. I have always been more interested in capturing the mood of a painting than a realistic representation of the subject within it. My belief is that if I can be open-minded, flexible and can free my mind of conscious thoughts, my creativity will come forth with wonderful results. My art work is mostly fugitive and I am looking for that moment in time where the figure is captured in the NOW. I have often used the foreground and background to help achieve this, with the use of a curved line to suggest their past and future, among spirals and circles representing important people in their lives or memories, personal values and beliefs.
"My Timeline" is my most valued piece as it is the result of working through my own personal workshop, it reflects my past on the left my Now on the center and my future on the right. It could be seen as an abstract piece but is full of imagery and symbols which is meaningful to me. It has brought my work to a different level of understanding for me and feel it has helped develop a new style which flows naturally and allows me be spontaneous in my approach and technique.

My workshop is called "Butterfly Wings"

Through the study of Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP (Master Practitioner) and Time Line Therapy (Practitioner) and Fine Art (Dip. in Painting). I have fused together my knowledge and skills to create a Painting Workshop that is a therapeutic experience. The workshop provides an enjoyable opportunity for the participants to get in touch with their inner self, while exploring the medium and process of oil painting. Discovering many new and exciting things about themselves, they will have the freedom to create a real positive change in their lives.
The workshop uses NLP techniques and adapts the process of Time Line Therapy so you can express yourself through your Art. By uncovering the negative emotions and limiting decisions that we all have built up over the years from our previous experiences in life we can then begin the process of lightening the load of unwanted baggage. The participants paint their way through their unique Time Line. While they are there they can clear all negative emotions, shine a bit of love on their past and paint themselves a more vibrant future.
The workshop is structured to help people become more open and motivated. It encourages them to help themselves with any issues and help achieve their goals. The process gives the individual the opportunity to create a number of images on canvas. Representations of their unique model of the world - past, present and future. This powerful imagery may be abstract to another however to the painter it is full of private details, thoughts and emotions represented by their choice of colour and symbols. By physically painting this imagery and emotionally clearing the stuff using NLP and Time Line Therapy techniques the imagery will be enriched, as you choose a more positive outlook for your future. With new learning, comes new conscious decisions, and smart goals. This creates a more focused self-fulfilling map of potential, positively changing aspects of your life for that brighter future you deserve.

This workshop is a full day from 10 - 6 and will be run in Moycullen, co. Galway .
One to One session with all equipment and materials are provided, at a cost of 120 Euro
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Added this dark background to the previous painting, now wish I hadn't! So please would you suggest anything I could do now to improve it again, or is it...
amazing painting... i saw it this morning... late for work looks like he's doing the hokey pokey in a very serious way or maybe ballroom dancing really... view answer
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