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I retired from professional life a few years ago. To overcome the wind down I came back to my great love of Watercolour painting especially wild animals, birds, domestic pets and portraiture. All my work is pure pleasure as I seek to portray what I see in true form. I also strive to achieve fine detail in all my work.

I have been staggered by the great comments I have received and thank everyone for their praise. However there are many great artists among you who should be praised for their great perceptions.

If anyone has a particular true life image they would like me to try and capture please don't hesitate in contacting me on e-mail at
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Latest comment Such a love for his master! or Her! ...I love the ears...the expressive eyes, the tongue hanging he?she breathes from exertion, or what ever he/she has just come from...could be a... Brenda Forsey
What is your favourite image that you get most pleasure in creating?
Do you often paint just for friends.?
Where is your favourite place to visit..?
Do you think this is a miss or a hit for this bear....did the fish get away?

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As artists we have an emotional outlet for our feelings by painting. Does anyone else feel this way?
Wonderful contrast..interesting color palette..boldness comes to mind.Nicely done Shiva. I use painting to "balance out" things. I feel when something... view answer
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