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alan webb
I retired from professional life a few years ago. To overcome the wind down I came back to my great love of Watercolour painting especially wild animals, birds, domestic pets and portraiture. All my work is pure pleasure as I seek to portray what I see in true form. I also strive to achieve fine detail in all my work.

I have been staggered by the great comments I have received and thank everyone for their praise. However there are many great artists among you who should be praised for their great perceptions.

If anyone has a particular true life image they would like me to try and capture please don't hesitate in contacting me on e-mail at
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Latest comment alan thank you for liking my Daisy I enjoyed painting it .Love your sunflowers its beautiful gorgeous colours.You have captured a wonderful painting with the lovely house in the background take care... Maureen smurthwaite
What are your favourite breeds of dogs?
Can someone please give me a name and ttle for this creation. I have painted it for a friend who...
What is your favourite image that you get most pleasure in creating?
Do you often paint just for friends.?
Where is your favourite place to visit..?
Do you think this is a miss or a hit for this bear....did the fish get away?

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Some PIL artists say they find landscape difficult, some say still life is hardest for them. I find portraits very difficult and painting a rose impossible....
This is charming Posnansky and what a crying shame that they have to make way for what is called progress. I love these old thatched houses and you have... view answer
Nyra Aherne
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