Aina Taurina with a pseudonym "ambertale" is a creative artist and optimist. An endless curiosity and natural ability to observe things in details from an early age makes Aina's pictures very special. Life on a little farm in Latvia was not easy, however, Aina managed to paint pictures for friends, make unusual greeting cards for family members and receive a Diploma in ceramics in an Open University. Her dream was to be a full time artist that became true after she moved to England in 2006. At first Aina worked in a food factory and studied English language, then simultaneously studied jewellery for NCFE Level 1 Certificate.
Aina is retired now, so she is happy to spend her time just and only for the Muse of Art.
Be warned, Aina has a wicked sense of humour that becomes alive in her caricatures and anecdotes, however, her poems and short stories are very lovely. You can find them in her sub domain in HubPages.
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Latest comment My first ever trying with soft pastels. Ups! That's very messy business! However, I am happy with the result and ready to try another soon.
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Would you like to see my lessons in my own style in drawing with colouring pencils and pens...
Did you ever made a commission through an art agency but never received money for that?

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How do you deal with a person that posts on your picture "I don't like this" but has nothing to offer by way of why or what could be done to improve?
It's a sad world or a very sad person who "Knocks" artwork with an "I don't like it statement". I too had one comment on a piece of work which was called... view answer
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