Angela Porter

I love to work with flowing shapes, lines and colours to create crazily textured and detailed artworks. I have an inner raven that will not be denied; it insists I add metallic and iridescent accents to every piece of work I create.

I love to work in a flowing, free and easy way, seeing where inspiration and intuition take me, allowing me to create beauty from a blank surface or one filled with seeming chaos - either starting point works for me! Spirals and swirls and organically flowing forms are a feature of my work.

My work is often guided by inner journeys of exploring and understanding myself, or of the inner responses to various experiences I have in my life. My art allows me to bring some sense of order and understanding to the seemingly chaotic experience we call life.

A lot of the patterns, shapes and lines I use in my work have been inspired by my love of such diverse topics including nature, prehistoric rock art, neolithic/bronze age pottery, La Tene culture art, Romanesque and Gothic architecture, steam locomotives, the Universe. I love colour, and love to work with it's symbolic representations - colour evokes strong responses in us all on an unconscious level, and it is this unconscious well of inspiration I seek to tap into and use in my work.

I love to work with technical drawing pens, watercolours, inks, coloured pencils and metallic paints and pens. I also love to express my inner self using felts, needle felting, beads, wires and metallic threads too. If it involves intricate, fussy work in a free-form, unconstrained manner (even though the finished piece always appears constrained and precise) I love it!

I hope you share in the great joy, pleasure and love I feel when I create my art.
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Latest comment Fantastic use of color and line. It looks like an entire fantasy world reminiscent of a modern version of OZ. Steevijane Parks

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What is your trick for getting likenesses when doing portraits. Anything that I can glean from you expert portraitists would be very beneficial?
Lovely expressive piece. Regarding your question - something that really helped me is reading and doing the exercises in the book "Drawing from the right side... view answer
Liesel Wessels
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