"Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen" ~Leonardo da Vinci

I was born in Macedonia.I am self educated artist! I love painting very much! On the other hand,I love all kinds of art! My wishes are to know much more about other artists and other works!
I have participated on The International Art Exhibition(SAFTH)in Newaygo,Michigan For 2012
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Latest comment Dear Ankica, this is so beautiful, As one who loves painting flowers I can't praise it enough, you have captured the colours of a sunlit rose so well , almost feel I can smell it, thank you for... Iris Howard

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What do you think about this name design? Have you ever done one like this, using these methods? Do you think framed out under glass that this is a suitable...
Laurel thank you for your positive feedback I do appreciate it. I painted the image a few years back as I am still going to Art class I have gained more... view answer
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