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Anne B Wright

Anne B Wright

No formal training, just the library and the internet and years and years of trying. I am absolutely thrilled with this site, have had such a lot of help and I am very grateful, but it is now time to update the picture as I have reached the three score years and ten plus... I have such a great regard for all the artists on here who have offered their advice, observations and comments with generosity.
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Latest comment This one is a good start, simple, balanced and pleasing to the eye. Hope you are feeling good again Anne! I know how you feel about it being hard to start painting again, I too haven't been able to... PureLark

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My paintings usually are fairly sombre in tone and colour and I find it hard to deviate from this - does that matter?
It doesn't matter to me whatsoever! I am so used to your blue. I have a same question when I paint. You know which way. I don't find your blue somber but... view answer
Irena Erstenuk
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