Arlen A. Thorensen

Arlen A. Thorensen

Go as far as you intend to go but be happy where you ended up to be.
Create! Create! and be my friend :-)
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As always I am opened to any questions on my work. What is your opinion and what do you think about...
I would appreciate any comments. Do you have any comments or ideas to improve this painting?
What do you think of this technique?
I am always looking for comments on any of my works. Is there something you see in my painting that...
I would like to ask any one if this painting would be suitable for a childs room and is there any...

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What makes you want to give up? Horrible criticism? Not being appreciated? Being ignored? Or do you find your own strength in your work, and completing things...
I really like the light coming over the horizon... the blue of the sky nothing makes me feel like not doing art... I do wonder if i'll look back on this and... view answer
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