Barry Blake

Barry Blake

David Shepherd Wildlife Artist 2017
Society of Equestrian Artists 2017
Contributor SKETCH FOR SURVIVAL 2017

Firstly let me say this is by far, in my opinion, the best art site of its kind on the web and I wish I had found it much earlier than I did. Whether you are a beginner, or a more experienced painter the excellent support, and advice that comes from fellow members is wonderful .
I have no formal art training , but did get Art A level at school and have painted all my life.
After thirty years working in a power station I took early retirement in 2001, and have had the opportunity to indulge in the pleasure of doing what I fancy, and painting is right up there.
We live in the lovely country town of Stony Stratford .I have been married to Pauline for 48 years, have 3 Children 4 Grandsons and 2 Granddaughters .ages range from 3 to 25 years.
With us both now retired I guess we'll have the opportunity to travel more so if i go missing a while hopefully it'll be for following the sun.
Im so pleased to have met so many wonderful people from all over the world here, many of whom I can genuinely call true friends. I thank you for sparing the time to look at my work and for your comments, and If you spare the time to comment on my work I will make the effort to reply to you, so my apologies now if I miss out, it really is not intentional.
Member since June 2011, and a Gold Member.
Latest comment Bleak at it@s best here Barry, just shows that white is not really white, if ya know what I mean, J John McQue

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How do you compose your compositions? Are the just in front of you, combined images or from your imagination?
I love Laurel to see new places and scenes that are shown in your paintings! so different from what I have around me! this is the best thing "meeting" artists... view answer
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