Hello, it's been way too long since I last posted here. As you know I'm a self-taught artist who started painting in 2006 when I retired. Life has gotten in the way of posting here for some time, but I am ready to share some of my latest acrylics as soon as I figure how to upload photos from my cell phone...hehhehe!!!! Anyone out there with some good ideas? HELP
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Latest comment Wow!!! what an amazing effect. Looks like an amazing bubble bath !!Fantastic technique!! warm regards Jillian

I upload my photos from my phone, see the share button icon , to picassa then it goes... Jillian Bryan

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I really wanted to paint a stormy sky it did not turn out that way brain must have had other ideas Does this happen to others?
This is very calm and tranquil work funny that you were set on a stormy sky. Once in a while I’ll see where the canvas takes me. It’s quite enjoyable during... view answer
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