Some New WORK leading up to Summer

I take any points or observations about the subjects very seriously and if ask I will try to answer any questions. I have a very large portfolio because I enjoy painting and try to paint a least one a day sometimes a lot more.

I have done over 2150 paintings during the last 20 years. Both LARGE and small these on the site are of them are older and a few bran new ones.

I have compiled a portfolio for a 2016 Exhibition which is in July again the Bus show and vintage cars. My subject this time will Be Local politicians or Welsh Rugby players.
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Now that the crisis seems to be here to stay I rather prefer offering my paintings to friends than to sell them cheaply. What do you think about this?
I have seemed to give away, more art than I've sold more recently, when you sell cheaply at markets to people who are bargain hunting, it can make you wonder... view answer
Duncan Sawyer
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