Some New WORK leading up to Autumn
I take any points or observations about the subjects very seriously and if ask I will try to answer any questions. I have a very large portfolio because I enjoy painting and try to paint a least one a day sometimes a lot more.

I have done over 2050 paintings during the last twelve years. Both LARGE and small these on the site are of them are older and some bran new.

I have compiled a portfolio for the 2015 Exhibition which is in July again the Local people culture 2014 was a huge success this called musical People for the week of culture 2015. Most are people I like or mainly other people that had a requested.

They were very popular with visitors and a great way of getting a large number of people to view the Art work.
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Latest comment Fabulous painting in your wonderful style, Brainfree.
Most impressive work.
A definite Special Favourite for me!
Best regards, Peter Peter Farrow

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Are the colors too intense in this painting? Also I am open for title suggestions or any other suggestions.
this painting is is the most beautiful fall colors I have ever seen..we go into the painting via the powerful red at the right corner..and then we... view answer
barbara leavitt
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