Some WORK leading up to Winter to spring 2018

I take any points or observations about the subjects very seriously and if ask I will try to answer any questions. I have a very large portfolio because I enjoy painting and try to paint a least one a day sometimes a lot more.

I have done over 2500 paintings during the last 25 years. Both LARGE and small these on the site are of them are older and a few bran new ones.

I have compiled a new portfolio for a 2016 or 2017 My subject this time will Be Local politicians or Doctor Who's and characters .
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Latest comment lovely painting, my dad always kept an aviary with canary's and zebra finches , such cute birds and I love the little noises they make.
kind regards
bev Beverley Harris

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I have done a lot of tight detail paintings just lately, this started as a loose painting, but still finished getting bogged down in detail. Any tips ?
Hi Graham - I have the same issue. I don't work in water colour so will be of limited help. However check out the work of Hashim Akib - his crowd scenes. He is... view answer
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