NEW WORK leading up to Christmas
I take any points or observations about the subjects very seriously and if ask I will try to answer any questions. I have a very large portfolio because I enjoy painting and try to paint a least one a day sometimes a lot more.

I have done over 2000 paintings during the last twelve years. Both LARGE and small these are some of them some really old some bran new.

I have compiled a portfolio of 23 for the Exhibition which was on from July 12th until July 19th called Local People for the week of culture 2014. Most are friends or people or some that other people that had requested.

They were very popular with visitors and a great way of getting a large number to view the Art work.
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Latest comment Great likeness. Even years before he became Bond, I thought he should be! Remington Steele was the character then, and so suave! Smooooooth!!! Well done on this one1 Kathleen Porter

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I'd love hearing from you all as to some tips when painting with oils. What do you think of this Abstract?
Hi Bevie, You have succeeded superbly with your first oil painting. Look forward to viewing your progress in this medium. Wonderful work. Love it. Kindest... view answer
Peter Farrow
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