Carma Jewell

Carma Jewell

(South African born) It is time for a new artist statement. I started painting for the first time in my life in March 2009 and I love it.

Creating gives one hope and inspiration it also give us the power to create our own world. For me art was a late find in life but through it I have truly healed all my past pains, doubts and fears. It allows you to portray any type of emotion you choose and like they say if you can admit to something you can heal it..painting allows you to create without words but leaves you with the same healing effect.

My gift is not to be a famous artist but to use this gift to motivate and inspire as many people as I can by painting inspirational pieces, combined with my other love, writing.

This world is at times not easy to live in, but if all artists came together and painted hope, we would all live in a world of colour.

I still consider myself as a baby artist and am so inspired by the fantastic talent on this site. I am honoured to belong to this family.

I am also a writer, and my first book was released on the 8th of December 2010..It is a book containing 50 poems expressing true emotions felt through our journey of love. The objective of writing it was to do my little bit in this world to try and heal broken hearts through poetry. To remind people never to forget that true love does exist.

If your heart needs healing, or reminding of that which you let go of..or that which you have but take for granted, then get yourself a copy of "Words of Love"

I hope to have the 2nd book "Emotions of the heart" published and released by the end of 2011. It is very special to me as it has original artworks from about 25 aritists on this site. Each poem was written to accompany their artworks...This is my dream for 2011 to release "OUR" book.

Have a wonderful year.

all my love

Carma Jewell
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Latest comment This is lovely Carma. It reminds me of a place in NSW called The Channon. Love your choice of colours. It's a fun painting. Debbie Alston
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Angela Susan Harrison
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