Carmela Fuda

Carmela Fuda

Painting for me is a creative expression, a visual experience, whereby memories, emotions, color, and movement become an integral part of my work. The beauty, perfection and mystery of nature are all elements that fascinate me. I paint what moves me spiritually and I express the joy and simplicity of who I am through my work. My favorite media is oil on canvas and use brush or palette knife.
I feel very fortunate to have discovered this wonderful sight and all the special artists who are willing to support and give positive feedback. My sincere thank you to everyone.
Member since August 2010
Latest comment Such beautiful sunlight reflected in this beautiful place.

The different shades of purple and blue draw the sunlight over towards the lily-pads floating so delicately upon the surface of the pond,... Angela Susan Harrison

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I gifted this one for a wedding. I love the couple. I knew the young man since he was a young boy. Do you gift your paintings to friends and family ?
Indeed I do! Beautiful blue bird. I give them my website and allow them to choose unless they want something specific. I am sure your friends were thrilled... view answer
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