Carol 2
"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time" Thomas Merton. I am an artist. Not that my work, which is all experimental is especially good. It’s just that it reflects my dreams, my fantasies, my soul. My inspiration comes from everything I see around me, music, the clear blue sky but mostly from other artists on this site who, good or not so good, are wondrous, kind, funny, tragic and loving people. It is dangerous for me to drive down the street because my eyes get drawn to a cloud or a mountain or a tree and I see a painting instead of the road. Bad girl! I have been around so long that I’ve seen and done just about everything. I listen to music that was popular when or before most of you were born. It is not possible to do art without music and when possible a glass of wine helps. I can start a painting around other people, but must finish it myself. Originality is all I have and even if it isn’t fine art it is from me. I want to save the earth and a thousand years of peace and to know that no animal or child will ever again see abuse. I am a dreamer and a realist – my art can’t seem to decide which any more than I can. So…that’s me.
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Latest comment Beautiful,, painting, Carol 2,, lovely atmosphere of spring,,, here. I'm looking forward to warmer days, indeed. It is -35 C here in Canada,, with added wind chill to make it feel worse. Thank you... Doris Billing
Do you ever have a work sort of demand that you finish it very different than your original vision ? Do you find it better than you envisioned?
I love the swirling pattern with the snake "tail(s)" (do snakes have tails? are they tails? do they have their own personal tales?) within the swirl and the... view answer
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