Colin Cartwright

Colin Cartwright

I started painting a few years ago.

I enjoy creating paintings. Producing them from a blank paper and a brush!

I paint landscapes, real and fantasy, seascapes, ships, trains and buildings. Always with lots of varying light.

It's great getting feedback from others.

Originals are available to buy or prints.
Member since October 2009
Latest comment a great piece of art Colin! I though this was a pastel painting! excellent colors and so fine blending!
my best regards, Christina Christina Papaspiliopoulou

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I would be interested to have feedback on this as, despite having it in the pool twice, it is failing dismally. Would anyone care to give me a critique on what...
I like it Anne.....If you want ideas, here's what I would do: bring the loose flower forward and a bit further to the right; delete all three "Y"s on top of... view answer
Jary Dotzler
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