Dmitri Ivnitski

Dmitri Ivnitski

Born in Uzbekistan and had the chance of travelling many countries. Currently, I live in the beautiful Miami, FL. Before my retirement I worked as a scientist at different universities. I loved painting all my life but time for it was occasional. Today I am in a more comfortable position and spend most of my time with painting. Art is joy! With best wishes,
Miami, Florida,
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Latest comment A really stunning composition Dmitri. Miami looks like a wonderful city. Have been to Florida, but didn't make it to Miami!. Warm wishes, Nyra Nyra Aherne

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Do you ever NOT title something if you think it may be "unappealing" or do you just "LET IT GO" because its just what you feel it SHOULD be ?
I love this,,,, I'm not sure if I understand the question... very occasionally have trouble naming something or don't name it or I don't name it. I love the... view answer
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