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Dmitri Ivnitski

I am artist and scientist living in Hallandale BCH, Florida USA. I was born in Former Soviet Union and did PhD at Moscow State University. I learned art and started painting about 40 years ago. Painting has always been a central part of my identity as a human being. I am author of 110 articles and 4 chapters in books. I have a Biographical record in Whos Who in America 64 edition. I mainly paint with oils on canvas and paper. Color plays a major role in my life, because of this I work with brush, using vibrant colors and soft, tonal values to create the overall feel and balance of an art piece. I enjoy painting landscapes, portraits, animals, flowers, etc. All my paintings are for sale.
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Blue on the very top, moon light shimmering off the waters surface, framed by the dark buildings with the bright windows. Very well done.
... John Patrick King

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How do you feel about Ravens? Are you a fan or do they evoke dislike or fear? There is a pair that live on my property. I find them to be very clever,...
Hi Chris, this is very well painted, in answer to your question, I havn,t seen many, we have some crows around where we live, but I think Ravens are slightly... view answer
Brenda Smith
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