Dmitri Ivnitski

Dmitri Ivnitski

I am artist and scientist living in Hallandale BCH, Florida USA. I was born in Former Soviet Union and did PhD at Moscow State University. I learned art and started painting about 40 years ago. Painting has always been a central part of my identity as a human being. I am author of 110 articles and 4 chapters in books. I have a Biographical record in Whos Who in America 64 edition. I mainly paint with oils on canvas and paper. Color plays a major role in my life, because of this I work with brush, using vibrant colors and soft, tonal values to create the overall feel and balance of an art piece. I enjoy painting landscapes, portraits, animals, flowers, etc. All my paintings are for sale.
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Latest comment this is a great surprise( never seen anything like this before ) for me and I"ll keep it safe with my other favorites, this outstanding painting will be in good company!

kind regards, Ellen ellen van randeraat

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What psychological effect has the blue colour for you? A trigger of mood when you look at my blue palette?
Blue is my favourite colour too. Here you have worked very well with textures and forms, movement, contrast and blue hues. A very dynamic, diverse approach. I... view answer
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