Dmitri Ivnitski

Dmitri Ivnitski

Born in Uzbekistan and had the chance of travelling many countries. Currently, I live in the beautiful Miami, FL. Before my retirement I worked as a scientist at different universities. I loved painting all my life but time for it was occasional. Today I am in a more comfortable position and spend most of my time with painting. Art is joy! With best wishes,
Miami, Florida,
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Latest comment What a wonderful joyous portrait, Dmitri! I love the scintillating background that heightens the snowiness of David's hair etc. Sue Turner

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as my erasers deteriorated over time my dots became a little inconsistent in size, can anyone suggest something else I could use to get a more consistent size...
Cazz-B, your work is very interesting and your style is mot appealilng. I do a lot of work with pointalisim. I use Sharpie black and Color pens with various... view answer
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