Dmitri Ivnitski

Dmitri Ivnitski

I am a self-taught artist living in Florida. Painting has always been a central part of my identity as a human being. I am drawn to bold, vibrant colors to create paintings that express my love and passion for life. My paintings are realistic and impressionistic in style. Color plays a major role in my life. My inspiration comes from shining sunsets, charming forests and colorful floral fields. By using oils I work the canvas with brushes to create strokes with lots of texture.
Exhibitions: March, 2017 1st Place in Art Competition, sponsored by Hallandale Cultural Community Center; May 2017 Solo Exhibition, sponsored by Hallandale Cultural Community Center, Florida; November 2017 1st Place and prize in Art competition, sponsored by Sunny Isles BCH, Florida.
My other passion is a science. I am author of 110 scientific articles, 4 chapters in books, and several patents. I have a biographical record in Whos Who in America 64 edition.
Member since June 2013, and a Gold Member.
Latest comment Nice to see your paintings again and the intense colors. I’ve been off the site for a while. Glad to be back. Laurel Laurel Cyrene

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Can you mimic the buttery sheen of oil with acrylic. I have some areas on here that need it ( the red window sills in light) but I can't produce it - it dries...
Love this work. My eye likes to follow the shadows which are well done. Hey we may be distantly related. My 2x Great-grandmother was a Hope from Chester... view answer
Nita Taylor
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