Dmitri Ivnitski

Dmitri Ivnitski

I am a self-taught artist living in Florida. Painting has always been a central part of my identity as a human being. I am drawn to bold, vibrant colors to create paintings that express my love and passion for life. My paintings are realistic and impressionistic in style. Color plays a major role in my life. My inspiration comes from shining sunsets, charming forests and colorful floral fields. By using oils I work the canvas with brushes to create strokes with lots of texture.
Exhibitions: March, 2017 1st Place in Art Competition, sponsored by Hallandale Cultural Community Center; May 2017 Solo Exhibition, sponsored by Hallandale Cultural Community Center, Florida; November 2017 1st Place and prize in Art competition, sponsored by Sunny Isles BCH, Florida.
My other passion is a science. I am author of 110 scientific articles, 4 chapters in books, and several patents. I have a biographical record in Whos Who in America 64 edition.
Member since June 2013, and a Gold Member.
Latest comment Dimitri, your space storm artwork is amazing and most intriguing. It certainly provokes some emotions. Love the powerful expression created by the contrasting colors, composition and beautiful... Laurence

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