Elizabeth Kendall

Elizabeth Kendall

I love art! I love to be creative.
Art serves many purposes and each one is valid and wonderful. It always brings something extra to the world, no matter what the subject.

I love to work with the palette knife using acrylics and oil. I also love to draw naive pictures, easy going, simple art and sketches. It always puts a smile on the face of the viewer. And a smile in my heart.

Landscapes and trees, a more realistic and impressionistic kind of art in oil or acrylics, is also on the top of my list of favourite-to-do things!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy my work as much as I do...

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Member since April 2009
Latest comment Dear Elizabeth, Superb painting in your wonderful style.
Love it. A definite Special Favourite for me!
Happy New Year.
Best wishes, Peter Peter Farrow
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