Garry Linahan

Garry Linahan

I live in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.
Everything I've done here is in oils. I am self taught, via a book I bought. I guess I have no one theme to what I paint, I'll just get an idea and give it a try.
P.S. I am also a budding (and hopeful) novelist of sorts. I have four completed stories published as ebooks on Smashwords. They are, in order of publishing, Enoch, The Cape, Isabella, and Portrait of Kurten. It is free to become a member of Smashwords so please peruse. Special thanks to PIL member Tom for providing covers for Enoch and The Cape, and for helping with Isabella as well. Thanks Tom. Some of my paintings have inspired or been inspired by my books.
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Latest comment It looks mysterious the angle of the sailing ship being tossed over and the waves turbulant as though the light is guiding it through some seabound passage.

A gripping scene but all the time there... Angela Susan Harrison

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Do you always get perfect likeness when doing portraiture and if not do you start all over again or make the most of it as it is?
Excellent portrait, There are many types of style lose, expressionist, semi photo realist, perfect realist and my favorite the one from inside you (me), if you... view answer
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