George Perez

George Perez

Painting is my great passion! I have a great many interests and paint whatever I want, so there is no "theme" or particular style that I paint in. My art is what it is and it flows from me whenever the need to create strikes! I thank PIL for making it possible to share my art with so many other great artists out there!

In the silly picture I'm wearing my sister's hat--on my trip to visit her in Miami Beach summer of 2014 ;)


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Latest comment This painting was hanging on the wall of my grandma's , i remember it so well for all those years, you did it so well, love a cat, love colours, thank you for reminding me my fabulous days agnieszka plauszewska

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In an attempt to avoid repeating the exercise of thinking this painting finished only see its not a few weeks later, any thoughts, critique or corrections...
Dear Ellis, Thank you for request. However, in the Blue & Green group I want the dominant colors to be blue and green. I believe that in this painting there... view answer
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