George Perez

George Perez

Painting is my great passion! I have a great many interests and paint whatever I want, so there is no "theme" or particular style that I paint in. My art is what it is and it flows from me whenever the need to create strikes! I thank PIL for making it possible to share my art with so many other great artists out there!

In the silly picture I'm wearing my sister's hat--on my trip to visit her in Miami Beach summer of 2014 ;)


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Bellingham, WA 98227
Member since September 2012, and a Gold Member.
Latest comment Very fertile imagination you have George, and top by your sense of humor , all that combined with your great artistic skills, equal to a very successful artwork! Marie-Line Vasseur

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I'm trying to master the art of painting seascapes. What are some of the tricks you use to make water in your paintings more realistic?
I really like the vivid 3D look. surreal works for me. brilliant color-work. and, sorry I don't have a barely a touch of realism in my bones, not able to... view answer
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