George Perez

George Perez

Painting is my great passion! I have a great many interests and paint whatever I want, so there is no "theme" or particular style that I paint in. My art is what it is and it flows from me whenever the need to create strikes! I thank PIL for making it possible to share my art with so many other great artists out there!


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Bellingham, WA 98227
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Latest comment Oh, Oh, Ohhhh!! Isn't this a Joy, Joy, JOOOOY!! Makes me want to LEAP out of my chair and dance and sing and shout!! LOOOOVE this bold and vibrant and JUBILANT work, G!! Whaaat a BEAUTY it is!! Bravo... charlotte nunn

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Every time I try a different style in painting, from what I usually follow... I feel like a fish out of the water.....What about you?
Greetings Ioanna, every artist ventures through life and styles. I have been obsessed with the Great Masters. So, schooled toward my obsession. I moved through... view answer
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