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Graham Ibson

Graham Ibson

I only started painting in 2010 after my retirement from the refrigeration trade. I hadn't picked up a paint brush until then and realised what I had been missing all those years. I was lucky to find a superb art teacher Carol Davidson who has taught me so much. My love is watercolour but I also tinker with acrilyic. I've been married to my lovely wife Linda for 50 years in 2018, and have two fantastic sons who all pushed me into painting. I have them to thank.
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Latest comment today it was the day to remeber.You expressed this memory in a very special way
.A worthy dedication.Read the book too.
kind regards Ellen ellen van randeraat
What is your favourite flower to paint ?
What was your most unusual painting or commission ?
If you have an older or younger brother or sister, who was the bossy one. I was the youngest, but...
What are the best subjects to paint using negative space ?

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What technique is commonly used for gouache ? I did look up and found one technique using gouache for whole painting.
Oh this delightful bird Jillian,it looks so fluffy and cute nesting in the leaves, with long pointed beak! I have never painted with gouache before but it... view answer
Angela Susan Harrison
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