Hazel  Mabbott

Hazel Mabbott

Finally after all these years I am having my own Art Exibition. With a bit of pushing and Shoving by Close Friends.
5th May 2018.
Today my Exhibition begins. Running for 4 weeks.I have never seen most of my Art in the one place.
I want to Thank all of the Artists here on PIL for the encouragement they have given me to keep doing Art.You all know who you are.May you always have "Art in your Heart"
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A lot of Artists on here at PIL know my Artwork.What do you think ( Honesty Please ).The People doing my Art Exhibition.Used this even after being told it was not finished. And did not show me the...
Latest comment This is fabulous! I love the colors, the lovely woman sitting there...looks just like you...enjoying your morning! Just lovely Hazel! Love the colors, the trees, all the! You are... Brenda Forsey

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Anyone else get fed up with doing the same old thing every time ? I feel i need a new direction,a change!
Yes. If you look at my page, you'll notice I often change what I'm focused on and sometimes several times in one day. When I feel a piece is what I want it to... view answer
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