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Hazel  Mabbott

Hazel Mabbott

Finally after all these years I am having my own Art Exibition. With a bit of pushing and Shoving by Close Friends.
5th May 2018.
Today my Exhibition begins. Running for 4 weeks.I have never seen most of my Art in the one place.
I want to Thank all of the Artists here on PIL for the encouragement they have given me to keep doing Art.You all know who you are.May you always have "Art in your Heart"
Member since April 2009
Latest comment Beautiful artwork, here, Hazel,, Very nice to view, How did I ever miss this lovely view? All the best, dear. Hope that you are keeping well. Sincerely, Doris Doris Billing
How as an artist do you keep your enthusiasm up to keep learning and painting? For me it is competition with other artist, and studying what the other artist...
Thank you Laurel for liking my painting I love the beach and harbour its beautiful its only less than an hour away we visit mostly in the winter when its quiet... view answer
Maureen smurthwaite
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