Iphigenia Burg

Iphigenia Burg

Iphigenia Gossios Burg (also known as Iphie Burg)
-Mixed and multi medium Visual Artist

I have been always loving and doing art since I can remember.
Over the years, through education and practice I developed my freedom in art by using different media such as oil-pastel, charcoal, oil paint and acrylics and more; I also am very open to all kinds of material as mixed media. My recent works focus on two style types- visual and spiritual. With the visual approach I try to express the beauty of the object and my affection of it through mixed media as I see it with my natural eye, while my spiritual approach is supernaturally inspired and spirit led and I work on it until I feel its done. Many of my pieces are expressions of my spiritual journey which in turn, are an inspiration to others.
My art work in the past includes solo shows, work for magazine and newspaper, murals and tapestries; I also was teaching to middle and high school students. Now I am active in shows and Art Fairs and curating art work for other artists.
Besides being a self-taught artist and taking some art classes in Vienna, Austria 1978, I also studied art at the University of Massachusetts Boston, 1986-1991.
Member since July 2010, and a Gold Member.
Latest comment Very beautiful oil-pastel, Iphigenia.
Most impressive work.
A most definite Special Favourite for me!
Kindest regards, Peter Peter Farrow

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Can you mimic the buttery sheen of oil with acrylic. I have some areas on here that need it ( the red window sills in light) but I can't produce it - it dries...
Great job Peter! I bet the sign was a pain to get right, it works very well. Your question intrigued me, I have often searched for this effect. It is the use... view answer
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