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Iphigenia Gossios Burg has seen a lot of the world. She was born in Greece, in a city called Katerini but lived in Thessaloniki. She moved to Germany with her family at age nine. When she was a teenager she moved to Vienna, Austria, and lived there for five years. Iphigenia came to the USA when she was in her twenties. She lives in the USA now over 36 years.

Since a little child, she was always displaying a gift in artistic expression. Before she held a pencil she drew flowers on the ground with sticks. Many times, in her very early life, and going into her later childhood, she felt connected and fascinated with fine arts. Around the age of 12 is when she realized that she must have a gift. Her family background has artists from both sides of the parents; her mother is a soprano singer and she is an architects granddaughter and her father was a sculpturist and crafts man. On her fathers side as well there is a visual artist in the family.

Ms Burg studied art at the University of Massachusetts Boston, 1986-1991
1991-2000 worked as an artist at the Campus of US. Center for World Mission, in Pasadena CA
1993 received the best artist of the year award. She also had won several awards over the years participating
on exhibitions.

Iphigenias art work include solo shows, work for magazine and newspaper, murals and tapestries in large sizes that are displayed unto this day, as well as teaching to middle and high school students.
Over the years she developed a free style by using different media such as oil-pastel, charcoal, oil paint and acrylics and more. Her recent work is based on two types of styles. One style is the visual way that is the approach where its the fascination with the beauty she sees and tries to bring it forth through her own vision into her work. The other style is the spiritual approach where she just starts a piece with a spiritual significance. As she is a spiritual individual (she says she is connected with her Creator and this gives her peace and comfort in her life as well deeper understanding of things), many of her pieces express experiences of her spiritual walk.

Iphigenia lives with her husband in the Boston area. She has 4 grown children, also talented in different arts, such as graphic design, illustrators, and design. She participates in many local art exhibitions, solo shows and art fairs. Her work is displayed in many parts of the world as well. Iphigenia is open to new horizons in her Art. As a gifted being, she feels led to find more truth in her work and feels open-minded in discovering new things and open the minds of others to it as well, and this way make a difference in the world for the better.

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Latest comment Ethereal and beautiful..nice to see your work again(been away for a while).Love the gold touch! Shirley Oxborough

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