Irina Miroshnikova, from Vyborg.
I am happy to be here. It is my pleasure to take this opportunity to share my art with you all.
I am a self taught artist. I started my painting in October 2008 and couldn't imagine my life without my pastels now. I love to give attention to detail, especially to eyes.
My works were exhibited in several Art Galleries of Sankt Petersburg (Russia) and my native town Vyborg, including five personal ones.
I have to stay at home (some problems with my health). All my art works are photographed by myself.

I sincerely hope you enjoy looking through my art. Many thanks for visiting my pages.
Member since October 2010, and a Gold Member.
Latest comment Absolutely incredible painting and that movie rates No. 1 with me as well. Straight into my favourites. Warmest wishes, Nyra Nyra Aherne

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