Irina Miroshnikova, from Vyborg.
I am happy to be here. It is my pleasure to take this opportunity to share my art with you all.
I am a self taught artist. I started my painting in October 2008 and couldn't imagine my life without my pastels now. I love to give attention to detail, especially to eyes.
My works were exhibited in several Art Galleries of Sankt Petersburg (Russia) and my native town Vyborg, including 7 personal ones.
I have to stay at home (some problems with my health). All my art works are photographed by myself.

I sincerely hope you enjoy looking through my art. Many thanks for visiting my pages.
Member since October 2010
Latest comment Hi Irishishka, you are one of my favourite artist's on this site, you are so talented and I love this cat! Look's like one I used to own, brings back happy memories. Jim Jim Briscoe

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How do you compose your compositions? Are the just in front of you, combined images or from your imagination?
I love Laurel to see new places and scenes that are shown in your paintings! so different from what I have around me! this is the best thing "meeting" artists... view answer
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