I was born in Oporto in 1947, I've always been interested in painting, since my fifteens. It was a passion I never forgot. My way through painting began in 1979, but my first exhibition only happened in 1986.I leave you here some of my most emblematic works and hope you like them.
I'm retired now since 16th of March,2009- I taught English for 35 years to 10,11,12,13... year-old children, but it has been very difficult to teach and to paint at the same time. Now I feel free to do what I most wanted to. And to be here in this site is a great pleasure. My best regards to you all, Isaura
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Latest comment A beautiful and joyous painting filled with glorious rich colors. A painting most worthy to be selected for a museum, congratulations!

comment for the group all about ladies dian bernardo
Would you like to tell me what is she thinking of?
Have you already been inspired by a famous person to portray him/her with fantasy?
Does it happen to you to feel tired with a style and your wish is returning to your confort zone?
Do you think I'm right to do compositions in fours. HAve you got any other idea?

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What stage of a painting do you enjoy the most? Is it the initial planning out, the mid stage when you can see how it is coming together, or the big sigh at...
Yes, I'm with you Lynda!Don't think I'm patient enough for the planning stage. This is a triumph in its colours and tones - great rocks!! [my geological... view answer
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