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Jacqui T
Well its goodbye from PIL, thanks to the admin for keeping such a great site.
if anyone wants to keep in touch.
my email is or jackiegrovesart on FB
All the best!
Member since November 2014, and a Gold Member.
Latest comment Nice picky Jacqui, viewed from Newton Under Roseberry going by the angle, only 20 or so miles from me , climbed it many times, all the best to you, J. John McQue
What is the longest time you've taken to finish a painting?
Have you ever painted your favourite music artist?

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I would be interested to have feedback on this as, despite having it in the pool twice, it is failing dismally. Would anyone care to give me a critique on what...
I really like this... I like the white background ,,, its simple and beautiful... I have trouble commenting. I feel like "what do I know" and I don't think I... view answer
Cynthia Richards
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