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I have lived in Florida all of my life. I began to be interested in art in High School. I would make day-glow posters and sell them around the school.
When I went to college, I didn’t know what career would be best for me, so I took the liberal arts program. Then an art teacher from Paris came to teach figure drawing at the college and I was hooked on art. I still had the dilemma of what career to go into and choose to go to an Art Institute for commercial advertising and photography. This was before the computer age, so the detail required in Commercial advertising was excruciating for me as a fine artist with an impressionistic style. I persevered and worked in the field for ten years while I created paintings and worked the local art galleries to sell my art. I was able to transition towards freelance commercial advertising and the fine arts. I then went for my BFA and then started to teach art on the side to children with disabilities.
I started to love teaching as much as painting therefore; I then went back for my Bachelors in Elementary Education degree. I have since added more certifications to this degree. After many years of teaching all age groups and subjects, the last five years I have taught High School students Drawing and Painting.
It took me 20 years to find my dream career! Yet, I am so happy and I hope to teach art until I draw my last breath.
I enjoy this site very much because of the companionship and insight from artists internationally. The art work and the artist’s on this site are phenomenal and extraordinary. It is rare to find a place full of astonishing work and compassionate people that as a consequence keeps me delving deeper to create beyond my potential.
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Latest comment wow I just wanna be there....sketching and swimming! I love it! your color-work is so wonderful, reminds me of Le Roy Neiman (a real fave of mine!) the title is relevant to me right now too!!! good... TAB
In this current world wide turmoil, what does Christmas mean to you. Have you changed your perspective on it ?
Excellent painting..!! In response to your question, it is disconcerting that such a special time of the year (even if we do not know the exact date of birth... view answer
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