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Jillian Bryan

Jillian Bryan

I live in the beautiful Northland of NZ and have been painting on and off since 1980. I use oils/ water colour and pastels. My preferred medium at the moment is water colour. I had formal art tuition with the Northland Society of Arts for many years under several well known artists including Douglas Chowns an International artist of high regard. I also studied Life Drawing with Douglas Chowns for awhile.
I am just loving this inspirational art site so much. It has been such a regular part of my day now just to get my art fix before I start my day! Not being able to go back to work just yet has been wonderful for me to get back into painting again. I could just spend all day painting if I could but it doesn't quite happen that way!!
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Latest comment Cute these lovely cute and fluffy! Love the colors, and the curiosity i feel in these babies! Very nicely done! Brenda Forsey

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What is the best idea for transferring your art photo from desktop to PIl with out changing the look of the original?
Definitely a favourite for me, Cecil! Great landscape with excellent tonal qualities and reflections and such intense colour. I use an iPhone or iPad to take... view answer
Sue Turner
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