Joan Hutchingame

Joan Hutchingame

Hi everyone! I've been painting now for 7 years! I always longed to paint but put it off as an activity in my golden years. I was convinced by a friend to start earlier rather than later, so I went for it. I seem to feel that someone is painting through me... I always loved and was good at drawing but had never experienced oil painting. I immediately fell in love with it but I do like to try other mediums once in a while. I've taken a few courses from two different Québec artists but now want to try on my own for a while.
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Latest comment So much beautiful detail. A lovely setting.It takes a bit to stop studying the stone and notice the beautiful flowers! Karen Wohar

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As artists we have an emotional outlet for our feelings by painting. Does anyone else feel this way?
Such bold and dramatic effect this work has had on all those viewing it, has to be of great comfort to you that you can touch us in this way. Doing my art has... view answer
Mickey-Sue Allen
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