Joan Hutchingame

Joan Hutchingame

Hi everyone! I've been painting now for 7 years! I always longed to paint but put it off as an activity in my golden years. I was convinced by a friend to start earlier rather than later, so I went for it. I seem to feel that someone is painting through me... I always loved and was good at drawing but had never experienced oil painting. I immediately fell in love with it but I do like to try other mediums once in a while. I've taken a few courses from two different Québec artists but now want to try on my own for a while.
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Latest comment Great work on all those lovely textures and details. It has a lovely soft, tranquil feeling to the work :-) Liesel Wessels

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I loved painting this pic I let the paint flow along with the tears. Have you painted a place that reminds you of a lost loved one?
Yes I have, the painting I did of my mother along the river behind her apartment building. We had such a beautiful day, that day, I asked that she sit on a... view answer
Joan Hutchingame
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