John Cooney

John Cooney

I live in Carrickfergus, N. Ireland.
I went to Art College in Belfast and Manchester. I trained as an illustrator but began working in ad agencies after college. I was an Art Director in McCann Erickson, Belfast and although I loved the work, I hated the hours. I somehow managed to do the odd painting at this time and won various awards.
I left the world of 'commercial art' and began teaching art. The more I taught, the less inclined I was to do my own work and subsequently, I've stopped teaching art.
A lot of people have requested that I paint commissions. I am more than happy to do this kind of work. If you are interested, contact me through this site for more details.
Thanks for looking/reading.
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Latest comment oh my goodness , what a fantastic portrait.
I have been working on portraits lately . I am in awe of this . respect !
kind regards
Bev Beverley Harris

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