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John Harding

John Harding

Hello everyone, thank you so much for stopping by.....
A little about me :)
I'm a self taught artist, no training at all in the arts which I think has worked in my advantage in creating my own style of drawing & refining it over the years.
I was born & raised in New Zealand in 1964, I moved to Australia in 1993 to try and make it in the art scene......
Member since March 2012
Latest comment John like it your portrait is absolutely gorgeous in every way you have captured the essence of the man Brad Pitt fantastic graphite portrait take care Maureen Maureen smurthwaite

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What is the most challenging subject for you to draw or paint? For me it is people portraits. I was happy how this one turned out but it's not always that way!
Beautiful, soft and sensitive with such lovely warm colors and so charming to view. The hardest thing for me to paint are roses. I think they will always be... view answer
dian bernardo
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