John McQue

Hi,I have been painting since 2008
(self taught)my main interest has been with oils/acrylics,but recently been playing with spray art.
Recommended to this site by a good friend Raymond Poore, a very accomplished artist.

I would like to thank everyone on this site
for all the support given.
Member since August 2014, and a Gold Member.
Latest comment Beautiful atmospheric view. So peaceful and alluring, would be a nice screen saver to bring calmness into ones day !! Lovely work John. Warm regards Jillian Jillian Bryan

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What technique is commonly used for gouache ? I did look up and found one technique using gouache for whole painting.
Oh this delightful bird Jillian,it looks so fluffy and cute nesting in the leaves, with long pointed beak! I have never painted with gouache before but it... view answer
Angela Susan Harrison
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