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John McQue

Hi,I have been painting since 2008
(self taught)my main interest has been with oils/acrylics,but recently been playing with spray art.
Recommended to this site by a good friend Raymond Poore, a very accomplished artist.

I would like to thank everyone on this site
for all the support given.
Member since August 2014, and a Gold Member.
Latest comment Nice work! Sad about PIL closing down. If your a Facebook user look me up and befriend me. Im the only person with my name. It might be the best way to stay in contact as an art community. Laurel... Laurel Cyrene

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How do you respond when a family member doesnt like your portrait of them if you paint or drawn them?
I love this portrait of Logan Michelle, and you did a wonderful job expressing his gentle nature and youthfulness too! I happened to see this portrait again... view answer
Angela Susan Harrison
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