Judith Allison

Judith Allison

Oil painter of Florals, Texas Rural Americana and Seascapes. She was born and reared in Marquez, a small town outside of Waco, Texas. Her first solo Art Show was in 1978 at the Meridian Museum of Fine Art in Mississippi.

She is a national artist and has been featured in American Artists, an illustrated survey of leading contemporary artists and American References Corporation's Second Edition of the Southwest Art Review.

Her paintings have been sought by prestigious collections throughout the U.S. and Europe. To Judith, part of the reward of painting is "watching the expressions on someones face as they look into one of my paintings. The smiles make it all worthwhile."

Cambridge Who's Who, Woman of the Year Award, Library of Congress, 2011.
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Latest comment Love your sunset and the intense colors you've used. Please accept the invitation to place your painting in my group. Laurel Laurel Cyrene
Do you ever wander what makes an artist paint the painting she or he did? I heard my father sing this song many times when I was a kid.
This is fabulous Jack. Is it any particular city? Yes I do wonder sometimes about the choice of paintings, especially when they are probably very... view answer
Nyra Aherne
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