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Julia Ruffles

Julia Ruffles

Julia is an entirely self-taught artist specialising in watercolour painting and graphite pencil art.

A self-proclaimed 'Perfectionist' with a love of detail, Julia works in a realistic style and pays meticulous attention to the tiniest of details. Showing an intimate look at nature, colourful accurate paintings allow her artwork to embrace contemporary and traditional styles.

Passion, brush technique and countless watercolour marks create the wonderful three dimensional qualities found within every painting, showcasing the beauty of each animal / landscape.

'...Watercolour as a medium (for painting) has a great strength yet subtle vulnerability that allows the delicacy of life to be portrayed...'

Thankyou for all your wonderful comments, it is so exciting to see so many talented artists on here and I look forward to hearing from you soon! Jules

You can now follow all new artworks from beginning to completion via my blog...thankyou! Please join me on facebook too -!/profile.php?id=100002595748074
Member since October 2010
Latest comment I have to keep coming back to your gallery to see if I have missed anything Julie:)

As always my breath was taken away by your 'gift' for recreating nature and wildlife.

Wish I could shake your... Mitch Minshull
Would you mind helping me with the title for this piece? Shouldn't I add more happiness with colours, more shapes?
It's beautiful, and I don't think it needs anything more. As I've said before, I'm not a believer in titles, as the comments here show everybody will have a... view answer
michael plesset
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