Julie-Ann Mitchell

Julie-Ann Mitchell

I am an abstract artist and intuit my paintings, I rarely know what will be until it is.

I am inspired by Earthly symbols and other things around me.

I enjoy positive uninhibited forms of creativity and love free form multi media displays.

I am inspired by many and would love to have your recomendations of exhibions, shows, music and videos.
Member since December 2009
Latest comment You can see a great contrast between the light and the dark, i like the colors you have used in this abstract..depicting the title and description. Well done! I could feel the energy as i was... Brenda Forsey
Are these type of painting saleable? What kind of painting does everybody think very desirable to buyers?
Yes they are, certain buyers love parrots and these Australian 'lories' are quirky and original. If you put a good price on them they will sell for sure,... view answer
Paul Kerr
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