Julie-Ann Mitchell

Julie-Ann Mitchell

I am an abstract artist and intuit my paintings, I rarely know what will be until it is.

I am inspired by Earthly symbols and other things around me.

I enjoy positive uninhibited forms of creativity and love free form multi media displays.

I am inspired by many and would love to have your recomendations of exhibions, shows, music and videos.
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Latest comment You can see a great contrast between the light and the dark, i like the colors you have used in this abstract..depicting the title and description. Well done! I could feel the energy as i was... Brenda Forsey
I struggle with painting water. I can see the shapes and tones of the surface but fail to create that on paper. Is it just a matter of practice or is there a...
Just spied this fabulous bear and cub painting, absolutely delightful and just fell in love with that cub. I must say you have done a wonderful job with the... view answer
Jillian Bryan
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