Junita Kondylis

Junita Kondylis

JuKon - I started painting in January 2011 and use acrylic or oil on canvas.
This site truly inspires me, esspecially when I browse through all the beautiful paintings.
Thank you to all those who comment and provide constructive critisism.

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Latest comment You have captured Cousteau perfectly, he looks alert...and maybe focused on a mouse perhaps? Lovely shakes of greys...and creams...white...such delightful markings! Brenda Forsey

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Would you like to paint abstract paintings? Today I discuss how I paint and how I take the best photos for uploading your paintings. Have fun!
wowowowow!! here you go again, d, blowin' my mind!! this is fabulously complex and intricate and wonderfully bold and vibrant!! i could look at it all day... view answer
charlotte nunn
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