Kathryn Sue Smith

Kathryn Sue Smith

I was born Kathryn Sue Marchant and grew up on a 100 acre farm in South Georgia, USA. I am self taught. I don't remember a time when I wasn't drawing up until I had my sons. I have just returned to my art in 2012 after spending several years raising my family. I am so thankful to PIL for letting me share my work with all of you and for getting the chance to see such amazing work from others. I do commissioned work and my art is for sale.Find me at or
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Latest comment Expressive look about this Kathryn, and i like the apparent stillness in his regards,,.Michael Michael Monaghan

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I often tried to portray my son in the last time and I find it very difficult as he is in his early teen years. he is not a child anymore, nor does he look...
Love this work...colours expression well captured! Into my favs. As for your question yes... it is difficult because of 2 things..painting someone close to you... view answer
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