Visual communicator, honours degree in graphic design, illustrator, can work in a variety of medium. I taught for nearly 10 years in 3 prisons & a school in Kent. I was peripatetic among 4 establishments & in any given week was teaching 10-70 year olds all kinds of creative things in 4 art studios. I have had several exhibitions and will have more in the coming years. I use my art when speaking to children, young people & adults. We then moved to Norfolk and I did further teaching in schools, clubs and churches. This includes several after school clubs in art & chess, classroom art teaching in several schools.
I became a Christian in 1977, my life was transformed & naturally my faith reflects in my art. I enjoy animals, especially big cats & the beauty of nature, particularly trees. I am fascinated by people & try to reflect scenes & expressions of life. As a colourist I reflect in some pieces powerful use of colour to convey a mood or feeling.
I have set up an annual residential holiday for 6 days/nights each year for young people aged 9-17 called SKETCHPAD to hone artistic skills & develop art techniques & give wonderful opportunities for creative expression. I set up The Art Studio in Thetford in February 2015 giving me a full time studio to work in and run all kinds of classes in drawing and painting and love it. Art is a key part of my life, I use it as a means of communication, as a tool to express myself in all kinds of ways. I will be doing a lot of drawing and painting in the coming years. Thank you for your comments & encouragements. My best is to come in the coming years! You will find me most active on Instagram. Kevin
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Latest comment this is another lovely dedication to nature!
Water is inspiring to me as well but I do end up abstract most of the times...

kind regards Ellen ellen van randeraat
HELP! I finally got the proper foil varnish, just to find out that the silver has already tarnished.... now what do I do? Is there a way to "polish" it?
This is superb dear Sonja. I have seen many of your other paintings now and came to the conclusion that I have got to spend more time to study all of them.... view answer
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