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Leif R Mårdh

Leif R Mårdh

Mood and season is of course relevant to how I want to paint. Right now it is some kind of expressive surrealism that fascinates me. Imaginative faces and environments, landscapes from unknown worlds. Sometimes, even unreal worlds.
It is difficult to deal with the unreal, but it fascinates me, and why should I always paint the reality ...? There are so many other artists who depict reality as it is ...!
I want to let my imagination play an important role in my pictures.

GALLERIE MARZIART. Hamburg. Germany. 5.9 - 2.10 2003.
AGORA GALLERY. New York. USA. 26.5 - 15.6 2004.
GALLERY ÅTTA PENSELDRAG. Huskvarna. Sweden. 14.10 -16-10 2005
Participant of the 2005 edition of the International Biennale of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy, on 3 - 11 December
GALLERI HALLSKA GÅRDEN. Gränna, Sweden. 15.7 - 21.7, 2006
ART STUDIO. Jönköping, Sweden. 21.3 - 23.3 2008
RESIDENSET. Jönköping, Sweden. Nov 2009 – jan 2010
KASTANJEGÅRDEN ATELJÉ. Jönköping. Sweden 21.4.2011 - 25.4.2011
GALLERY VITA RUM. Vadstena, Sweden 5.5.2012 - 2.6.2012
SMEDBYN Galleri åtta penseldrag, Huskvarna, Sweden 19.10.2012 -21.10.2012
VIRSERUMS HALL OF ART, Virserum, Sweden. October 6 - December 8. 2013
Member since June 2009
Latest comment did I comment on this? Love the paint stroke, some kind of swirly effect in the sky so beautifully captured...I can see reflection and marvelous autumn colours x Sabine K

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Do you ever just use what's left of paint and let your imagination take over? There are some hidden figures in this painting. Some came through...
Beautiful painting in your superb style, Linda. Love it. A definite Special Favourite for me! It's always a pleasure to view your very fine work at... view answer
Peter Farrow
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