leonard  vladimir comsuta

leonard vladimir comsuta

"Seeing is believing"

Born in the hearth of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca, where many artistic values of Middle Europe had been created by austrian, romanian, hungarian citizens, I was always fascinated by painting. Art is for me more than a hobby, it's a balm for the soul.
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Latest comment Dramatic colour, but I like the clearing and feeling of space.
Beautiful colour combination and sweeping brushwork.
Marilyn x Marilyn

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I have begun to use board as a support. Do people generally find that the paint behaves differently compared to canvas? (I used acrylics here).
Jacqueline love the delicate colours of the flowers in the meadow you can imagine them dancing in the breeze beautiful . Yes I find to have more control of the... view answer
Maureen smurthwaite
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