Lynda Robinson

Lynda Robinson

The artist brings something into the world that didnt exist before, and they do it without destroying anything else. (John Updike)

I live in Victoria, Australia. I am a self taught artist who has enjoyed dabbling and daubing since childhood. If I dont do something arty at least a couple of days a week I get snappy! My work is influenced by a love of the environment and country life. I am attracted to subjects in the first instance by the way light interacts with the surroundings. My subjects are varied ranging from animals, landscapes, figurative, portraiture, life drawing and still life. I find the challenge of painting water particularly enjoyable.

I have tried all mediums and pastel has emerged as my favourite. I enjoy the versatility, vibrancy and immediacy of this medium and the effects which can be achieved by blending colours together and scumbling one colour over another. I am more than happy to help my fellow artists in any way that I can by sharing what I have learned over the years or answering any questions about my pastel technique. I welcome your comments on my work and I constantly strive to improve.
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Latest comment The beauty of your seascape is unsurpassed. Excellent work. I find these so difficult to get the realism, necessary. Cecil Duke

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every 2-3 months I try something different from what I usually do. That can be a different material to work with, or a different style or subject.Are there...
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