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mandy thomas (wood)

mandy thomas (wood)

I have painted all my life..portraits and animals mainly but have done murals, website work, landscapes buildings etc. voted artist of the year in 2007 at the Inkspot Gallery in u.k.came 3rd 2009. work mainly in pastels with watercolours, gels and pencils.
having exhibited in a few places now including the bath royal crescent. i am learning not only to develop as an artist but to communicate with people in the art world.
There are some fantastic artists on here.I am thankful and grateful for being here.
alexandra g is well idol
Member since March 2009
Latest comment This portrait came from excellent skill and great empathic sense. The soft tones speak loudly and clearly. Great work. Thank you for creating and sharing. Take care. Rage of Reason

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How as an artist do you keep your enthusiasm up to keep learning and painting? For me it is competition with other artist, and studying what the other artist...
Thank you Laurel for liking my painting I love the beach and harbour its beautiful its only less than an hour away we visit mostly in the winter when its quiet... view answer
Maureen smurthwaite
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