New Zealander,adopted by Australia. Never realised I had any creativity until I swapped Latin for art. My great art school teacher encouraged me to try for Fine arts diploma and attend university. A blink later I decided I wanted to be a fashion designer. Thought you just sketched frocks not have to draft patterns etc!!Both my father and teacher all but disowned me when I and decided painting faces (makeup) was my thing. Makeup is a form of art I think.

Can't really remember anything I learnt formally. So I am basically self teaching my way along.I probably get caught up in too much detail as I paint with canvas board on my lap watching TV,playing music and eating chocolates!

My greatest influences were Pietro Annigoni.His charcoal series of faces..the haunting eyes. Then Mago.. Mago (Maurizio Goracci)

I am so blessed to have stumbled on this website.So many extremely talented people who are so giving of their time,constructive feedback and direction.I am learning so much. Thank you PIL from the bottom of my heart.Because of you, and your generous comments I have come to believe in myself a little more... and maybe my paintings are half ok. Warm wishes to you all and thanks for including me in this wonderful PIL family...Margaret :)
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Are they any of Asian heritage that can sugget an appropiate title for this work ?
Latest comment Wow Margaret.......stupendous.......Ive never used that word on a painting before.....I hope it is grammatically correct?......on a serious note you have excelled your artistic skills in this... alan webb
Did I succeed what I venued out to do?
Do you createa painting then have to find a meaning for it or the other way around ?
Have you ever painted an unsual animal couple ?
Have you ever tried to use the work of the old masters to step outside your comfort zone ?
Have I captured my long loved poem in an abstract way ?
Were you ever committed to some learning actuvity by your parents when you were young and really...
When asked to paint a portrait do you use the reference pic or surprise to the person by adding...

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Now that the crisis seems to be here to stay I rather prefer offering my paintings to friends than to sell them cheaply. What do you think about this?
Bless you..... I've have given quite few paintings away, because I cannot cheat past buyers by cutting my prices. Argued with a Gallery owner who told me my... view answer
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