Mary Rogers

Mary Rogers

I'm a self-taught artist and living in Texas. I have always enjoyed the beauty of nature, and I love doing oil paintings of landscapes, sunsets or anything at all that I find beautiful. I also love using graphite and colored pencils. Recently I have also started using pastels and enjoy them the most and feel drawn to doing portraits of animals. I enjoy PIL and all the talented artists on here and am always thankful for the wonderful and encouraging comments I receive. It makes me want to paint better. Thanks to each and every one that has ever encouraged or supported me in my art.
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Latest comment Mary your pastel drawing is beautiful.Love those beautiful blue eyes you have captured a gorgeous image lovely pastel artwork on the fur coat superb take care Maureen smurthwaite

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I am trying to get better control over how I use white - do you have any techniques you use to control this wonderful colour / non colour ?
really amazing! the spoon... the white! the light... I really like so much about this... I tend to break things into fragments in my comments... but it is... view answer
Cynthia Richards
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