Michael C Reichardt

Michael C Reichardt

I have enjoyed drawing and painting since I was quite young and had some good exposure and instructions to formal art.In 1979 I resumed my study of art focusing on acrylic and watercolor. My early retirement in late 1983 allowed me to pursue my love of painting full time.During the past 20 years I have been occupied almost exclusively with commissions and just painting for fun. My love of nature is shown in the various paintings that I have done over the past 20 years. This interest is reflected in the landscapes, house portraits and historical buildings selected from various areas throughout the city and countryside. A number of my works have been accepted and shown at a variety of art shows in the area and are hanging in private collections in Canada, the United States and China.

The Paintings I Love site encourage artists of every level and I am pleased to have discovered it on Facebook. I am getting varied opinions from artists around the world. Artists are all at a different level and it is encouraging when an artist gets positive feedback from other fellow artists. Art is a very personal thing and therefore we have people with a variety of tastes when it comes to what they would like to own in a painting.

I would like to thank the founders of Paintings I Love for this friendly site and the fact that they encourage artists and art lovers to use this for their benefits and personal enjoyment.

All my friends and clients are aware of Paintings I Love.

Please note that the previous version of my page was removed from the site due to inactivity. You can see the archived version of that page here, which includes all the previously received comments:

The link below is to my web site, which features many of my paintings.
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Latest comment Its very modern and ethereal, an oxymoron that works very well with your composition and colors! Beautiful artwork! Marie-Line Vasseur
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Hi Cindy, that's a lot of questions, LOL! I identified as an artist after painting for many years and I sold a painting. It felt like an act of courage. I get... view answer
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