Michael Monaghan

Michael Monaghan

A vivid and expressive Artist Michael Monaghan has been painting since his teenage years,and his work is both widely admired and sought after. "I started life-sketching and then painting in Oils.I have exhibited in many shows and Galleries in Ireland, and had a solo exhibition in New York in the late nineties . I worked as a Police Artist and used my hand drawing skills in conjunction with computer composites for mainly facial work. I am retired now a few years and am still exploring and developing my own Art mainly in Oils and Acrylics. Hope you enjoy looking at my gallery and..."Greetings to all !!"
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Latest comment Michael this spectacular! I love the color but the way you have gotten texture in those blossoms is really the cherry on top (sorry for the bad pun) for me! Love it! Deborah Cromeans Ramos

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This is one of my first still life painting not for sale, there is a kind of strong attachment to it. Do You share the same feeling with some of Your works?
There are definitely a few pieces that have never been (and likely never will be!) for sale, because the way they affect me.... in your piece here, I'd say... view answer
Sonja Gartner
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