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I am self taught.
Paint by serendipity and creative thoughts..

Mediums used:
Oil & Acrylic mostly and started by sketching w/pencil-charcoal-crayons/pastels/graphite.

Paint on wood, board and hand stretched canvas.

" Beauty is in the eye of the beholder "
and I am beholding alot of Beauty here on PIL.

~ I am loving this place and everyday I am amazed at the great talented artists here on PIL ~ . I feel priviledged to be a part of PIL and to get feedback from all of you wonderful talented Artists... Thank you ~
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Member since October 2010
Latest comment A beautiful tribute to one so beautiful inside and out! She was the flower of blooming energy and light! What a beautiful painting as she lays there in total peace! Love your dedication seen and... Brenda Forsey
What is the most challenging subject for you to draw or paint? For me it is people portraits. I was happy how this one turned out but it's not always that way!
Beautiful, soft and sensitive with such lovely warm colors and so charming to view. The hardest thing for me to paint are roses. I think they will always be... view answer
dian bernardo
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