nelu gradeanu

nelu gradeanu

The painter NELU GRADEANU has borned in Barlad, Vaslui county, Romania, on 16th of April 1969.
Hehas been studyng monumental painting for some years, with Vasile Caraman and Gheorghe Raducanu under Roamanian Patriarchy guidance.
His speceality is wall painting and restauration.

NELU GRADEANU was productively and seriously apprenticed under the guidance of his professor Caraman working hard in the decoration of some religious Painting School with in the Romanian Patriarchy.
NELU GRADEANU assimilated wide artistic knowledge, his mentor being Master Ghorghe Raducanu
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Latest comment Hi Nelu, the Best of the Best. Wonderful work of art. Into my special favorites. Love, Gail Gail Cottrell

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My client wants me to personalise it. Like adding a vale and tophat. But I do'nt know. Can anyone give me a suggestion?
I wouldn't,t have added anything I your composition says it all. I see above you say you have now have added the top hat and veil can you post so we can see. ... view answer
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