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Nita Taylor

Nita Taylor

Born in the Eastern USA, I began creating art as a young child. I won my first prize in our schools art exhibit in my first grade year for a construction paper cut-out of a little dutch girl. I studied Art at West Chester University and have worked as a commercial artist/graphic designer for many years. I began painting with oils several years ago when I decided to start taking lessons once again to discipline myself to just do it and stop dreaming about doing it someday.

I paint the things that I care most about. I am very passionate about my art. I love painting! I love my subject matter! I love bright and vibrant color. My art encompasses my beliefs and thoughts. It is the way I visually express who and what I am. I try to convey the beauty and joy in life. I hope that my work relays the blessings that God gave us.

After the death of my husband, Bob,in 2015, I have found comfort and peace in my painting. Truly therapy for the soul.

Thru this PIL website I am both humbled and inspired by all of my fellow artists. I am amazed at all the talent that I see every day on this site.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my artwork, for your kind comments and for the always inspiring me.
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Latest comment Beautiful work Nita! It's very well balanced and a near perfect presentation. A Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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My paintings usually are fairly sombre in tone and colour and I find it hard to deviate from this - does that matter?
It doesn't matter to me whatsoever! I am so used to your blue. I have a same question when I paint. You know which way. I don't find your blue somber but... view answer
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