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Nyra Aherne

Thanks to joining PIL I have made many friends and one in particular is Barry Blake, firstly through comments, then emails, then Skype and I persuaded Barry and his wife Pauline to come to Australia. They started their holiday in Cairns, Queensland and drove to Sydney, on the way meeting Sue Turner in Brisbane. We had the pleasure of their company for 4 days and I think it has whetted their appetite for a return visit to Australia.They had 10 days in Tasmania.The attached photo was taken at Richmond with Australia's oldest stone bridge still in use which dates back to 1823.
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Latest comment Happy new year to you dear Nyra! I hope you are doing well!
I am always curious how do you paint those old buildings which aren't even there anymore. You go for walks and take photos and later you... Irena Erstenuk

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I find that at the moment I seem to be painting a lot of different subjects, anybody else have this problem ? if it is a problem !!. LOL.
John, we usually paint what appeals to us, and it doesn't hurt to paint different subjects. Now if you were going to try and get a gallery to show your work,... view answer
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